Thursday, 27 October 2016

#BookReview ; The Three Wise Monkeys by Jeet Gian

The trio—Amar, Akbar, and Anthony—had no clue whatsoever about their goddammit indecisive-careers-and-indefinite-struggles.
And that was because they were born with the Peter Pan Syndrome and were simple enough to be tricked by anyone, including their mystifying girlfriends—Meghna, Farah, and Sarah. And as is the fate of all morons, they were drawn into

trouble—deep trouble—of hiding crores of rupees of black money in secret offshore companies.

Will their mistake of turning a blind eye to the philosophy of ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ cost them their careers and put them in prison? 

Will Lady Luck change their fortunes forever?

The Three Wise Monkeys is the second novel of Jeet Gian. The author is a chartered accountant & founding partner of JCA Consulting Group based in Dubai (U.A.E.) , he lives there with his family.

The story is about our 3 protagonists Amar, Akbar & Anthony (don’t worry it has nothing to do with the 70’s movie) & their journey as accountants along with their girlfriends but what’s most important thing to mention about them is that they’re completely losers trying hard to make their way & in their quest to succeed they face different things which even we see in our real lives, corruption, black money, tax havens, etc. To enjoy this get it right now.

The author is a chartered accountant himself so he knows how the rich manages their unaccounted money, that’s why he has been successful in writing a story around this issue & accompanying it with humour has only elevated the plot. The witty & funny dialogues will surely keep the readers entertained. I believe the book should’ve been made a little bit more compact since readers might lose their focus in some parts of the story, also the editing could’ve been a bit better. The language used is simple while the cover & title are nice too. It surely is an enjoyable read.

Monday, 17 October 2016

#BookReview ; No Safe Zone by Adite Banerjie

Qiara Rana will do anything to save her mentor and their non-government organization from ruin. Even if it means visiting the city she had vowed never to return to. But within a few hours of landing in New Delhi, she is being chased by a gunman and is a potential suspect in the murder of a high-profile businessman. 
The only person she can turn to for help is Kabir Shorey, the man who stood her up ten years ago. Past and present collide in a deadly plot of crime and greed that moves from the cosmopolitan streets of Delhi to the bazaars and villages of Rajasthan.

No Safe Zone is the latest romantic thriller novel by Adite Banerjie, it has been published by Harlequin. The author was a bibliophile from a young age just like us & after achieving a respectable height of being a business journalist she focused on what she wanted to do for a long time. Her previous work includes 2 books published by Mills & Boons & also numerous screenplays.

Our two main characters in this story are Qiara Rana a self dependant young woman who works for a NGO Girls Rock! & Kabir Shorey a determined intelligence officer. Girls Rock! focuses on educating poor girls in remote villages of India & other countries but they come under scanner as an investigating agency suspects that the NGO turns some crook’s black money into white, on the other hand one of the girls goes missing in India who was helped by the NGO. Qiara rushes to India to find the girl as well as gather some information about the donor & save the NGO’s reputation. But destiny had other plans as she witnesses a murder & then gets chased by the killer. The person who could save her is the same guy who she wished to never meet again as he already had betrayed her once. What happens when the past catches upon Qiara & Kabir? Will they be able to get to the truth & catch the bad guys?  Read the book to know all of this & more!

This book is one hell of a roller coaster which will surprise as well as shock you. All the characters have been etched with details & which enhanced the story even more. The suspense have been so brilliantly integrated with romance that one will be glued to this book instantly. Child trafficking, scams, royal family, murder & ofcourse romance are some of the key points which should make you read this book. The language is very easy, the cover & title is spot on as well. This book should be read & recommended by every single reader as it is an example of how a mainstream book should be.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

#CoverReveal ; Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh

Knitted Tales: A Collection of Emotions 
Rubina Ramesh

Every tale has a path to follow to reach its destination.. but it may not exactly be the one we should follow.


What forces an innocent girl to become a sex symbol? Her desires? Or cruel fate? 

Is a lifetime enough—for avenging a betrayal? How do you hide secrets that never stopped haunting you? 

Can vengeance and secrets of your past devastate your present? How can long-buried crimes of yours suddenly raise their head? Can sinning be saving?

Is your spouse your soulmate? What if they never understood your feelings? Can you still live with them?

Lastly, does life give only two options? Live or die? What if there is a third?

In her debut anthology, Rubina Ramesh tries to find answers to these questions that are often from the heart and yet makes the mind ponder over the solution. Or is it the other way round? Either way, Knitted Tales is a bouquet of emotions that is bound to touch both your head and your heart.


Dear Friends and Aspiring Writers,

My journey as a writer started after I joined Wrimo India. It’s a group of aspiring authors where all members are challenged to write, by the NaNoWriMo ML for India region and the Founder/Admin of  Wrimo India, Sonia Rao. Along with the other admins, Neel Ina and Dola Basu Singh, she made our lives pretty tough if we did not submit on time.

Our work was critiqued, broken to pieces and then mended again by all the Wrimo members. I laugh now, whenever I reminisce about those days. We writers are so passionate about our work that even a little bit of criticism makes us want to hide our baby. But in this group, we trained ourselves to accept all types of honest criticism. We sculpted our stories and life continued. This happened around 2 years ago.

Then, one fine day I found that I had gathered around 17 stories and forgotten all about them. As I dusted away the layers of neglect, I fell in love with my own stories. I am a narcissist. :)  But then, all writers are, aren’t they? I do hope what I have written from my heart, touches you. Here are the stories of a writer who aspires to always write from her heart. With NaNoWriMo just around the corner, here’s raising a toast to inspiration!

Releasing on 10th of October 2016
The Cover of Knitted Tales: 
a collection of emotions 
Rubina Ramesh
to your 

Proofread by Nikita Jhanglani 
Cover Designed by Sachin Venkatesh

About Rubina Ramesh

 Rubina Ramesh is an avid reader, writer, blogger, book reviewer and marketer. She is the founder of The Book Club, an online book publicity group. Her first literary work was published in her school magazine. It gave her immense pride to see her own name at the bottom of the article. She was about 8 years old at that time.  She then went to complete her MBA and after her marriage to her childhood friend, her travel saga started. From The Netherlands to the British Isles she lived her life like an adventure. After a short stint in Malaysia, she finally settled down in the desert state of USA, Arizona.  Living with her DH and two human kids and one doggie kid, Rubina has finally started living the life she had always dreamed about – that of a writer. 

Her other published works include
'Home is where Love is’ a short story in the anthology Writings from the Heart. Ed. by Beth Ann Masarik. 
‘You Stole My Heart’ and ‘Let me Go’. Short stories as a part of the anthology ‘Long and Short of It’ by Indireads.
'Wake Me Up' as a part of the anthology ‘Marijuana Diaries’ by Fablery Publishers.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

#Spotlight ; Cabbing All The Way by Jatin Kuberkar

Jatin Kuberkar


Twelve people agree to an idea of running a shared transport service from a common residential locality to their out-of-civilisation office campus. Twelve different minds with equally diverse personalities gel with each other to fulfil a common need. At first, the members collide on mutual interests, timings, priorities and personal discipline, but in the course of their journey, they become best friends, make long-lasting relationships, mentor and help each other on various mundane matters. The journey goes on fine until one day some members try to dictate terms over the group. The rift widens with each passing day, the tension surmounts and finally all hell breaks loose... Will the journey continue? Fasten your seatbelts for the journey is about to begin...

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About the author

Take an ounce full of imagination and a scoop of humour. Mix them well. Now put a few teaspoons of feelings and emotions and simmer until it smells good. Add spices for taste. Put the mixture on the platter of dreams and garnish it with a few peanuts of desires and some herbs of passion – that’s all it takes to be JatinKuberkar. Jatin is a software engineer by day and a passionate writer by night. When not tangled in software codes, Jatin likes to express his inspirations in the form of poetry, short stories, novels and essays.

He lives in Hyderabad and adorns polymorphic forms in his personal life as a son, a husband, a father, a friend, a mentor, an observer, a criticand the list goes on… He is an ardent lover of Hyderabadi biryani and is a worshipper of chaai. If granted a boon, Jatin would love to learn magic from Hogwarts and fly around on a broom stick. 

Jatin is the author of two other books. Rainbow Dreams, a collection of poetry and While I Was Waiting, a collection of short stories. This is Jatin’s third book.

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