Monday, 3 August 2015

#BookReview ; The Departing Point by Santosh Avvannavar, Jyothi Byahatti, Raghunath Babu Are

Physicist says ‘Biologically, love is a powerful neurological condition like hunger or thirst, only more permanent’. A psychotherapist says 'Love has many guises'. A philosopher says 'Love is a passionate commitment'. A romantic novelist says 'Love drives all great stories', A nun says 'Love is free yet binds us'. The authors try to find out what is love from the people who have experienced it. From common people like us. Based on true love experiences, The Departing Point brings seven exciting journeys of love showcasing different situations and circumstances where the travellers for some reason are unable to complete the journey to reach the “happily lived together ever after “ station.

This book is an outcome of 3 different authors working together to a write it which is not filled love stories in  fairy land but make us realize that love may not always result as we wanted. 

Love has different parts & is of different types. Each one different from another, similarly the definitions for love are ever changing too! Does the love changes or diminishes if we don't get the result we expected for? Does it changes the way we felt about those special moments after the whole scenario changed? 

The Departing Point has 7 short stories which depicts the journey of different lovers which didn't end up as they wished it should. All the stories quite make up to the title of the book, the language is pretty simple & the plots are realistic enough. But still it I wish the stories would've been more intriguing. It tried to potray the disconnection which creates misunderstandings & ultimately result in heartbreak but I wish I would've been more glued to the plots.
In all it's a one time read for sure..

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