Wednesday, 16 September 2015

#BookReview ; Soldier & Spice by Aditi Mathur Kumar

For Pia, regular life is a thing of the past. She is now an Army wife. From ‘just Pia’ to an Aunty, a memsaab and – her favorite words in the whole wide world – Mrs Pia Arjun Mehra. 

At twenty six, Pia finds herself having to suddenly be more ‘lady-like’; focus on themed ladies’ meets, high teas and welfare functions; and deal with long (unexpected) separations from her husband, extraordinary challenges, a little heartache, and, well, growing up. 
In the mysterious and grand world of Army wives, Pia learns that walking in high heels is okay as long as you don’t trip on combat boots. She learns that ‘civil’ is also a noun, that JCO and GOC are (very!) different, that snacks are ‘shown’ and WTF is better explained as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Yes, it really is a new world! 

Let this quirky, hilarious story of the first year of Pia’s Army-wife life show you that the spice to a soldier’s life is most definitely his better, very strong, bloody extremely elegant, never-cussing, witty, warm and passionate half, his Army wife.

Soldier & Spice- An Army Wife’s Life is a story about the unsung heroes of our country, the army wives! This is Aditi Mathur Kumar’s debut novel & it just really blew me away. She herself is an army wife so no one could’ve written this book better than her. Her writing style is refreshing & really interesting!

The story is about Pia our protagonist, a civilian girl who falls in love with an Army man, Arjun Mehra. The book describes the changes which come in a civilian woman’s life after she marries an army man. Pia is a bubbly & quirky girl who sometimes gets into awkward situations which surely would make you laugh.

Pia’s view of the army world would amaze you on many levels. The discipline, hierarchy, the grand parties & everything else is a new thing for her. With a new life she has to face some restrictions & then there is politics. But she survives through it.

What I loved about the story is the relationship between Pia & Arjun. They both love each other to bits & then sometimes there are parts where Arjun is clueless about what Pia is even talking about but he just grins at her. These situations will just make you love them even more.
In short it’s a must read!

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