Sunday, 29 November 2015

#BookReview ; Voices Of The Silent Creek by Vikkas Arun Pareek

"Shanti is married in a prominent family but her life will never be the same for a life thrusted on her for honour of the family. She accepts her life but will she let the same fate unfold for her younger sister?
Bhano discovers the horrors of her sister's life. Will she be able bring justice to her sister's life and her sacrifices?
Arti finds herself strangled with choices. Will she risk her life and her family's life to help Bhano get justice or leave her helpless?
The story of set in rural India takes us through unimaginable yet common atrocities which a woman faces in today's society. Will they fail to survive? Will they emerge stronger battling the troubles? "

Voices Of The Silent Creek is the d├ębut work of Vikkas Arun Pareek which talks about the oppressions & atrocities women still face in India & get exploited by men on high statures. The story starts with Shanti a young village girl living with her family which consists of her father Ramgopal a farmer, mother, younger sister Bhano & brother Manohar. She is a free spirited innocent girl who in the first page itself had to choose between household work & studies & like many other girls in the village she chose the chores over studies even when her father wanted her to study further but on the other hand just like a typical Indian village mother she preferred her daughter being uneducated. Then comes the second thing which is considered the second most important thing in a female’s life by all orthodox people, MARRIAGE & out of the blue Ramgopal gets an offer *more of an order* from the Sarpanch nonetheless for his son’s marriage. Even Bhano gets married in the same family to the youngest son Krishna. Will it be a ‘ they lived happily ever after’ scene for them? Or the devil gonna show its real face behind the face of a rich & respected family?

While the story is termed as a work of fiction by the author but truly it is based on the real life stories of hundreds of thousands of women living in rural as well as urban areas in poverty & suddenly gets married to filthy rich families, as soon as they start to think that their luck has changed they have to face the bitter truth behind the whole scenario. This book seems to me to be a part of an initiative to talk & react against these demons in our societies who live under the mask of being civilised but instead are just criminals. Surely should be in everyone’s shelves.

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