Thursday, 14 January 2016

#BookReview ; No Parking No Halt Success Non-Stop by Abhishek Ratna

A self-help book for success at work! No Parking. No Halt. Success Nonstop! has 50 career lessons for today's 20teen generation. 
Practical and comprehensive, the book often stretches to the point of 'cunning without harming'. Interspersed with quotes, stories and humour, it also breaks a few myths. The author treads the fine line between ethical and non-ethical. The author is able to convince the reader about the necessity for professional success.

No Parking No Halt Success Non-Stop is a self help book written by Abhishek Ratna & published by Supernova publishers. It is the debut book of the author where he tries to help tweens to survive the corporate world. The author is a member of Mensa International *in short crazy intelligent* with a degree from IIT Madras & also an MBA in finance & marketing and have also worked his fair share in the corporate world hence he knows what he wrote about & its importance.

The book is divided according to the 12 months of a year & each month has 4 career lessons which can prove to themselves to be extremely useful if followed religiously while also using your brain, at the last there are 2 additional lessons which in total makes it 50. Each lesson covers important corporate tactics which would help its readers to survive in the industry, from managing your colleagues/ subordinates to keeping your boss satisfied & most importantly keeping yourself happy.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book after looking at its cover & the title wasn’t helping either but when I read about the author it gave me hope that maybe it’s worth a read & let me assure you it is. Its is especially written for young generation of 20s who have just joined their work or even are working for quite some time & need some guidance. There are some typos which can surely be neglected but it is quite a good read.

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