Thursday, 11 February 2016

#BookReview ; S.O.A.R by Abir Mukherjee

Frustrated with their current jobs, Uday, Adhyayan, and Rajasekaran team up to start an innovative business, non-existent in India until then. Ignoring all pragmatic aspects of life, they chase their dreams with immense pleasure. However, their journey is no cakewalk, as they confront financial crisis and rejections soon. Uday plays a business trick to triumph over that uninfluenced market; it works initially, but soon boomerangs, blowing the team apart. The police arrests Uday accusing him of illegal activity by his organization. Were there any blemishes in their plan or was it just a typical Indian market, reluctant to accept an un-experimented concept? Will they be successful in implementing their innovation, staking their hard earned money, stable jobs, relationships, and life 'S.O.A.R is the story of chasing a dream, quandary between desire and responsibility, friendship and love. Join the gutsy journey of three young entrepreneurs.

S.O.A.R - “Success Over Adversity Reigns”  is the second novel of Abir Mukherjee published by Frog Books. The author was born & brought up in a small town in West Bengal but currently is based in U.S.A as an IT professional. The best part about his work is he doesn’t want to be philosophical or anything but just wants to entertain readers.

The story is based on three protagonists Uday, Adhyayan & Rajasekaran who are employees infirms where they work continuously in the cut throat competitive environment but they have some dreams which demands sacrifice of all sorts & ofcourse hardwork & they’re ready to give their best shot to make their start up successful. But dreams can sometimes cost too much effecting professional as well as personal lives too. While their dream project “The Schoolyard” took a leap, an ambitious idea to improve it proves to be fatal for the group & pulled them apart. While Uday stayed with the project the other two drifted apart but when both of them got the news that he has been arrested by police both of them came running to help their buddy. But will they be able to prove Uday’s innocence?

What I liked about this book is the choice of appropriate words showcasing the vivid vocabulary of the author. Also the way the personal lives of the protagonists are written in sync with their professional lives is commendable. It surely deserves to be read..

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