Friday, 8 April 2016

#BookReview ; Love Forever @ Rajpath by Kalpana Mishra

True love can blossom anywhere, in a government set-up too, and can be as permanent as the job itself.
Shalini, a government employee, strongly feels that there is no point in getting married and joining the brigade of abused wives. Till she is swept off her feet by Kartik, a dynamic colleague from Bihar.
Just when her faith in the system of love and marriage is rekindled and at its peak, Kartik goes missing. Her search for him reveals some dark secrets about Zabaria Shaadi still existing in Bihar, where eligible boys are abducted or forced for marriage.
A love story at its core, Love Forever @ Rajpath highlights the predicaments of a girl on the verge of losing her most precious relationship. It also reflects the inner turmoil of a young boy sandwiched between age-old traditions and his own liberated opinions.
Will Shalini be able to save her relationship? Will Kartik acknowledge her efforts or will he abandon her for the sake of his family?

Love Forever @ Rajpath is the debut novel of Kalpana Mishra. The author is a Deputy Director in the Government of India, she is also a visiting faculty is a number of educational institutes spreading awareness about issues like gender sensitisation at work place as well as other gender issues, communication skills, etc. She is also a contributor reviewer & blogger on various blogging sites & has varied interests like acting, writing, sports, etc.

The plot of Love Forever @ Rajpath starts with a prologue which sets the mood of the story & then we are taken to the starting point where we get introduced to the protagonists of the story, Kartik Vats a tall, fair complexioned 26 year old introvert guy from Bihar who had joined the post of Assistant, a Group B post in a ministry of Government of India & Shalini Pahilajani an extrovert Delhite girl in the same post. As they first met on their training it seemed that it was a start of a cute friendship which might also have a future towards a loving relationship. While our female protagonist have been sceptical towards marriage but slowly she starts to fell in love with Kartik but what is love story without any difficulties to overcome?

This book is a mixture of friendship, love & relationship which often gets affected because of orthodox traditions. The cover is cute not exceptional though. I liked the flow in which it is written but unfortunately the language seems to be a little amateurish, also the story seemed to be a little predictable. One thing which I liked about the book is it mentioned the social ills which still prevail in our society. A one time read for sure. 

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