Wednesday, 6 July 2016

#BookReview ; The Superhero Soul by Dilip Bathija

Once upon a time, you believed anything was possible. You never got tired of being happy. Once upon a time, you knew no fear. You never got tired of doing what you did. Once upon a time, all aspects of your life were perfect & blissful. Once upon a time, you were the source.
But over time, things around you didn’t seem to make sense. So you set yourself apart from the source trying to understand the world & how it works. Days, months & years passed by & the source was lost.
But that does not mean the source doesn’t exist. The Superhero Soul has been designed for a purpose- to take you back to being the source.
If there are closed doors in your life, this is the key. If it’s treasure you seek, this is the map.
Everything you once knew, the Superhero you once were.. Re-Discover!

The Super Hero Soul is written by Dilip Bathija, apart from being an author he is also a human-artist, entrepreneur, speaker & humanitarian. His workshops are held in more than 40 cities around the world every year. He believes that each individual has tremendous potential to achieve everything & anything & that is the reason he wrote this book to help us realize our inner super hero.

As the tag line of the book ‘Quest for inspiration, happiness, success & greatness’ suggests this book is exactly a collection of 9 chapters each with different sub-topics where the author covers every subject which is essential for each of us to remember if we want to achieve excellence.

As a self help book The Super Hero Soul urges & motivates you to find your super hero soul which we aren’t able to see most of the times. All the topics are to the point & doesn’t wander around to stretch for the sake of it. The chapters also include appropriate quotes by famous personalities to enhance the impact. All the tricks mentioned are extremely helpful & are easily applicable in real world. Loved the cover & title as well. Readers should ofcourse give it a try to find their inner super hero soul.

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