Friday, 9 December 2016

#BookReview ; A Murder in Gurgaon by Manish Dubey

Gurgaon. December 2014. A young event manager, an ex-cop's son, is murdered. Inspector Hawa Singh vows justice. There is little to begin with, and frustration mounts when the initial suspect - a reclusive woman with a mysterious past - is found missing. 
Digging deeper, Singh uncovers a sordid tale of adultery, blackmail and revenge, only to find himself staring at a conspiracy unlike any he has seen. There are deceits, little and big, to decode; the predator and victim are indistinguishable; his witnesses could be misleading; his closest ally may not be an ally at all. 
Will Singh succeed? Or has the sick, wily mind behind the crime always been a few steps ahead? 
Refreshingly told, with a cast of morally ambivalent characters and an accent on the minutiae of crime, A Murder in Gurgaon will keep you hooked till the very end. 

A Murder in Gurgaon is the debutant thriller story written by Manish Dubey. The author is a policy analyst with keen interest in politics, cricket, sitcoms & PTA work. He drafted this story along side his work on water sector reform in Bihar & climate change issues in Kolkata & Surat.

The story is basically set in Gurgaon where two different cases get tangled. Varun Dixit a young event manager is found murdered at his apartment while a woman named Leena Puri is reported missing by her friend Bindia Sehgal. Varun’s father Hari Dixit an ex-policeman himself is determined to catch the killer & offers his complete expertise to Inspector Ajai Singh. As the curry thickens Hari Dixit finds the shady activities his son was involved in, which though breaks him internally but still he didn’t gave up. Gradually both the cases are found to be connected but slowly the web of deceit & plotting is revealed & the killer is laid bare. Get the book to unravel the mystery it holds..

As I started to read this book there were 2 things which caught my attention, first the chapters have been kept quite short & divided on the basis of dates making it easy to process & second that the story have been written as a screenplay. The story is quite intriguing & captivating which will surely keep the readers intact but somewhere in the middle it lost me but then as the mystery unravels it again recaptures me. The language is easy & the editing is to the point too. The title is appropriate & the cover is quite good too but I believe it would’ve been better if the background colour was a bit dark & gory. Its a compact & interesting read, I just wish the plot had been captivating all the way. Readers interested in thrillers should give it a try.

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