Saturday, 25 March 2017

#BookReview ; Mirage by Mayank Sharma

Mirage: 'Nature's way of treating you with your need or desire'.
Rajeev have an accident while he was on his way to celebrate his first marriage anniversary and subsequently finds himself in coma. Though he recovers but scars of the accident gets fresh, when he finds the same 'angel' in his dreams, revisiting and making the gleam move to dark. He gets home only to find his wife dead. Will you call it dichotomy? To an extent; it was. He tries hard to convince people around about his wife Shreya's presence in his life but no one believes.
Time can't heal all wounds but can cover them for a while. To keep his family happy he tries to act normal but pressure of remarriage, Shreya's presence, keeps on haunting him every moment. It is then he decides to escape to be with his wife in her world.
Muddled, Rajeev could feel her presence around but couldn't see her and simultaneously, the question linked with the dream, her death and her presence in the hospital. Standing over the edge either to see Shreya or to commit suicide, Rajeev is drenched in storm of emotions. Will he end the worldly life and find Shreya? Or he'll see a Mirage? If it's a Mirage will the world accept it? Or will call him mad?
Let us find an unconfined meaning to most desired way of breathing in, unconfined love and human life.

Mirage is a romantic novel written by Mayank Sharma. The author was born in a small village of Rajasthan & brought up in Nagda, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. After finishing his schooling he enrolled for graduation, during his years in college he acquired a lot of work experience in different fields. He started writing poems due to his inability to express himself verbally & after sometime he decided to write novels after getting encouraged by his friends. This is his second book.

The story is mainly about a couple, Rajeev & Shreya. They crazily love each other & even after a year after their marriage their emotions for each other haven’t changed a bit. On their 1st marriage anniversary fate takes a cruel turn, both of them suffered accidents as they were on their way to meet each other & celebrate their special day. Shreya couldn’t make it while Rajeev fell into coma. After he came out of the coma this info was shared gradually & his world crumbled down. He claimed to feel the presence of Shreya even when he was being operated & also afterwards too. After he recovers from the injuries he tries to remind himself the moments he spent with his wife & hence visits places where they’ve been so that he would feel her presence again. But his family wants him to move on with his life. Will Rajeev ever move on? Will he be able to see through the mirage? Read the book to know..

The book starts at a very nice pace with a detailed plot & emotions being conveyed effortlessly through words which says a lot about the potential of the author. The story isn’t exactly the same old romantic one hence that’s a relief but as we move towards the middle of the book & henceforth the pace as well as the quality deteriorates. The editing could’ve been much much better & saved this book, also after a while the story seemed too loosely written. I like the title though but again the cover was a downer.  A lukewarm book which might interest you if you like to read a different kind of romance.

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  1. Interesting plot! I think I'ld like to give it a read sometime.