Sunday, 16 April 2017

#BookReview ; The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal

If you have ever fallen victim to the system, been humiliated, felt helpless… this book is for you.

Varun, a NRI software engineer, loves Alisha. 
Salman, CEO of Coffee Moments, loves Mahi.
Raghav, a virtuous politician, loves Neha.
Aditya, an altruist businessman, is married to Prachi.
Destiny invites them to step out of their comfort zones and fight the devil that holds their country captive. Will they choose country over love, comfort and success? Will they enter the Chakravyuh, intricately laid down to ensure their destruction? Will they come out of it alive and win back our lost pride?
Buckle up for a roller-coaster ride into the lives of these four young men who are out to change the system which could not be changed in the last 70 years of independence. A story fraught with romance and patriotism. The story unveils how the four patriots ( our protagonists ) fight against terrorism, corruption, naxalites, poverty and many other problems, apart from the web spun for their destruction by their rivals ( the villians ). Against all odds, they come out victorious, ultimately bringing glory and pride to our country.
Also pick this book if you are a patriot and do not believe that “ is desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta.” 
If you do, all the more reason to read it !

The Four Patriots is the debut work of Sumit Agarwal, published by Rupa Publications. The author was born in Kanpur in 1975, he studied a 5 year integrated course in Chemistry from IIT Kanpur & MBA from NM Institute. He currently manages a group of chemical manufacturing industries in Kanpur. His NGO PRERNA has partnered to manage 6 adopted government primary schools with an aim to enable the students with quality education. He has been awarded by the UP Governor for his contribution to primary education. He is also a music composer, lyricist & singer.

As the title suggests the book is about 4 individuals who believe in the idea of a new India which is clean in all senses. Our 4 lead characters are Varun; NRI software engineer, Raghav; honest & ambitious politician, Salman; CEO of Coffee moments & Aditya; a selfless businessman. All of them find themselves into situations which makes them realise about the true state of Indian system which makes them even more determined to bring a change. Their new kind of politics does charm the people & hence they get to form the government but in the due process they find themselves in the middle of a huge conspiracy. Will they survive it? Will they get to fulfil their dream to build a new India? Get the book here to know,

Since a few years, India’s political scenario has been amalgamated with patriotism to gain vote but unfortunately the hopes haven’t been met with yet hence I was quite interested to read this book which mixes these two topics. For a debutant author its amazing how the characters have been etched with details as well as the plot. What I admired the most is that the author has seen through the cloak of all political classes & treated them equally. The title, cover & language are in sync. Surely, a must read!

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