Wednesday, 31 May 2017

#BookReview ; Voting At Fosterganj by Ruskin Bond

I have never seen so many people in the bazaar. Bunting, in the form of rival posters and leaflets, is strung across the street. The tea shops are doing a roaring trade. There is much last-minute canvassing. For the first time I learn the names of some of the candidates.

The chaos and urgency of an Indian election comes to a sleepy town in the mountains. In the bazaar of a town that he thought was heartless, the author comes across the most beautiful human being he has met yet. One unhurried morning at a small branch of a bank, a magic oil is handed out. Read these stories and more that bring to life the drama, joys and heartbreaks of life in small town India.

Voting At Fosterganj is a collection 17 short stories written by Ruskin Bond & published by Rupa Publication. Ruskin Bond has been writing for over 60 years & now has over 120 titles in print- novels, collections of short stories, poetry, essays, anthologies & books for children. Born in 1934, Ruskin Bond grew up in Jamnagar, Shimla, New Delhi & Dehradun.

Ruskin Bond writes about a small town called Fosterganj with a population of mere 1000 people. In each of his story he describes the life of several people from Fosterganj & how they’re unique in thir own way. The book starts with the story “The Old Lama” & it’s about an old Tibetan Monk who crosses path with the author every single morning when he is going to the post office. His age is undeterminable but his optimism about returning to Tibet one day is what makes him seem ageless. Get the book here to read more such stories,

 Ruskin Bond is one Indian author who needs no introduction & neither his style of writing. His speciality is to glue the readers in his stories so strongly that they’ll feel they’re a part of it. And that’s what happened in this book too. Its a pretty thin book & one can read it in one sitting only but once you’ve finished reading it you’ll surely feel that you took a trip to Fosterganj itself. A must read! 

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