Sunday, 13 August 2017

#BookReview ; Seventeen Takes by Naima Kalra Gupta

Seventeen Takes is a mix of fiction and non-fiction pieces about everything a teenager experiences, ranging from growing up, formulating a self-identity and realizing (or not) who you are. Written by a seventeen-year-old, this is a coming-of-age book but not in a traditional sense. It’s not about heartbreak or enduring friendships or alcohol and partying. It’s about the self, the war that wages within all of us. Figuring out what to do with one’s life, lamenting the loss of innocent childhood, coming to terms with changing beliefs and ideals, developing new ideas are themes that feature prominently in this collection. Simple yet poignant, fiercely individualistic yet easily relatable, Seventeen Takes is a book that will resonate with everyone on the cusp of adulthood.

Seventeen Takes is the debut novel written by seventeen year old Naima Kalra Gupta & published by Rupa Publications. Born & brought up in Delhi, she loves reading, writing & playing basketball. She is extremely passionate about maths & has interest in politics. She wishes to pursue both these subjects in college. She began writing in the 9th grade & subsequently started her own blog.

The book is a collection of short stories about different topics, all of them which she feels strongly about. While the protagonist of the book is Izra but the author has tried to convey her personal experiences & thoughts through her. The book has been divided in 2 parts, while the first part is about the protagonist’s life & journey and how different factors played their roles in shaping her personality. The second part of the book consists of 5 chapters which are about different social issues, from atheism to casteism the author has tried to cover different topics in her debut work. PS, thank you Rupa Publications for the review copy. Get the book here to know more,
It’s a well known fact that mostly books written for teenagers are about love, heartbreak, relationships, etc but this book is nothing like that. Since the author is also a teenager, she understands that though these topics are there in the lives of teenagers, there are other phases too & she has tried to write about that in her own way. While some of the chapters have been written in an elegant way, there are some which portrays downright privilege & immaturity which considering the age of the author can be given a pass. I hope with time the author will refine her way of storytelling. The language used is simple though the editing could've been better, the title as well as the cover is good. A one time read for sure.

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