Tuesday, 8 December 2015

#BookReview ; First Love Matters... So Does The Second by Vishal Sah

Everything was perfect when all of them were at school. Vishal was happy with Shreya, so were Shaurya and Myra. But little did they know that a life ‘not so perfect’ was waiting for them outside their school gate.
What happens when one chooses ambition over love? Would you be able to live with doing something you didn’t want to do? Could someone rectify their long forgotten past? Is it possible to win a battle against Death?
Explore what it is like to think that you are in love for the first time only to realize that you are constantly falling in love, as a wise man said
“First Love Matters…So Does The Second.”

First Love Matters So Does The Second is the first novel of 20 year old *Yup! Not a typo* Vishal Sah. First of all I would like to acknowledge the fact that this is the first time I am reviewing an author’s work who is younger than me & also I would like to thank Half Baked Beans for publishing his work or else it would’ve been a loss for the industry.

The story has been written in form of a diary penned by the protagonist of the story, Vishal Kapoor which he asks his friend to publish. It is about his life as a teenager, his struggles with the burdening pressure of studies, also the pressure youngsters face from their family & of course RELATIVES, developing himself for a career, with an added flavour of the thirst to seek love which is common in young men & women & of course his friends.

The title of this book itself gives a clear picture about what the author wants to convey through his work, that we should appreciate the love we get from people & let go of reserved emotions about past at the precise time. Other main characters of the book are Vedika & Shreya *The 1st & 2nd love of the protagonist* , Shaurya *Bestie but more of a brother* , Myra *Best friend & Girlfriend of Shaurya*. This book is a mixture of all the kind of phases a person goes through in their lives, from experiencing love to break up, to making a career to leaving someone for doing so, to regretting not doing something.

But the main question here is why would Vishal write a diary & then ask Shaurya to publish it? The answer is going to shake you to the core & take you on a drive full of emotions. THIS SURELY IS A MUST READ!

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  1. Thanks a lot for your review. Glad you liked it.