Wednesday, 30 December 2015

#BookReview ; #IAm16ICanRape by Kirtida Gautam

To destroy great EVIL, GOOD has to shed tears of blood.
Rudransh Kashyap is a self-made billionaire and man of high moral fiber. His life is shattered when he returns home one day to find that his prodigy, his 16-year-old grandson, Aarush, has been arrested and accused of a brutal gang rape. It is easy to say, “Kill the Rapist” but what if the accused is your child?
This case takes an unprecedented turn when Aarush’s identity is made public on social media. Rudransh finds himself living a nightmare as he fights against tremendous odds to get justice for Aarush, to save him and to bring him back home… But what if the unthinkable is true? Can Rudransh save his grandson, or will he end up fighting a different battle altogether?

Kirtida Gautam’s debut novel #IAm16ICanRape ‘s topic is self explanatory from the title itself but if I try to give a short intro to it then it is a story about how some convicts used to get away scot free after committing heinous crimes just because they weren’t ‘adults’.  The author is a clinical psychologist & she used her knowledge appropriately in the story to make the readers understand the otherwise difficult psychological parts easily.

As I picked up #IAm16ICanRape I was a little sceptical about finishing it since I seldom read such long books also I was worried that the plot will start to stretch & ultimately I would lose interest but the way it has been compiled won’t let you wander. There are very few but strong characters in this book which allowed the plot to be closely knitted. For me the protagonist of the story is Dr. Rudransh Kashyap AKA RK Ji he owns chain of coaching institutes called RK-JEE, a person who is an idealist & rationalist, then there is Aarush Kashyap his grandson a genius boy but with attitude problems & Shubhangi  Tyagi a working woman with a never die attitude trying to recover from a painful breakup. There are other characters too in the story who also give as much soul to the book as they have. While RK Ji might be a rationalist but when it comes to his grandson Aarush he gets soft, so when Aarush is accused of raping someone will he do what his heart says or his morality will prove him to be a better human?  Read it know what it holds..

When I finished reading this book I was actually surprised at the fact that it is a DEBUT work of the author! THIS is the kind of book which we need to read & encourage others to do the same. It will touch your soul & make you question the ethics of society & laws. BUY IT NOW!!!

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