Tuesday, 29 March 2016

#BookReview ; Dream Castle

Dreams are the memories of the soul. We all have a dream that makes us one in a million. No one before has ever been us, no one in centuries will ever be like we are.
It takes courage to stick by your dreams. for you have to keep up equilibrium with your passion,loved ones and society. Beware of these people who dream with open eyes. They are the ones who will cheat on their fears and doubts just to marry their dreams.
Dream Castle will take you to a journey of passion, experiences, strengths and assorted hues of life. Revive and relish this stimulative, rousing compilation of short stories and be inspired to hold your grounds.

Dream Castle is a collection of 20 short stories written by budding Indian writers, edited by Kavya Shah & Akash Rumade & published by one of the fastest growing e-commerce website Ridzee.com started by Rohit Sukhwani who also penned his story in this book. He is an engineer plus entrepreneur pursuing LL.B. from Kota, he has been a part of the anthology “Turning Point of Life” as a contributing author.

As the title suggests the book consists of stories which aim to depict passionate experiences, strength & determination of fictional characters as well as real life dreamers who try their best to achieve their goals & motivate the readers to do the same.

I was very excited to read this book for many reasons, first of all I loved the cover, secondly it’s the first attempt of Ridzee in the publishing world & lastly I liked its theme. But as I read the book most of the stories didn’t connect to me on any level & failed to motivate me in any way. The editing is commendable though which is its only redemption.

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