Wednesday, 30 March 2016

#BookReview ; Yama by Kevin Missal

What will you do if you have 24 hours to save someone? 

A violent saint…
A man who claims he is Yama is punishing sinners by killing them according to the twenty eights hells prescribed in Bhagvat Gita. Who is he? What does he want? Is he a vigilante or a psychopath? 

A delusional hero…
Iravan Rajpoot, an Ex-Black Cat Commando with a dark past is receiving letters with names and time limits. It’s no sooner that he learns these people will die within that time frame. He needs to do everything, risk everyone to save them. 

An ambitious reporter…
Swati Kaushik, a widow and a woman who can do anything for success must team up with Iravan to stop the god of death and justice. 

Will Iravan Rajpoot be able to find Yama while balancing out his personal life? Will Yama be able to fulfill in spreading his twisted message to everyone? 
With twist and turns in every short chapter, Yama grabs the reader and plunges them in the heart of human consciousness.

Yama written by Kevin Missal is his third book published by Half Baked Beans, his last book was number one best seller on Amazon Christian Fiction. The author is pursuing his History Hon. from St. Stephen’s College & he loves to write plays, books, reviews, watch television shows, classic movies & has a knack for thrillers which might be his source of inspiration for this book which is a crime thriller fiction with a twist of Hindu mythology & mythical character Yama the god of death & justice.

The protagonist of the story is Iravan Rajput, an ex- Black Cat Commando who works for his friend’s security agency Panthers. His family includes his wife Rutvi Rajpoot who suffers from schizophrenia, his daughter Tara & son Sarang. He also has a nephew Vardhaan who is an intern at Panthers & is working with his uncle, he is an efficient hacker hence does all the data collection from internet about cases for Iravan. Then there is Swati Kaushik, an ambitious reporter who wants to put the truth about Yama out in the society because she believes in him.

Strange incidents start to happen when Iravan starts receiving letters with names & a specific duration of time which seems to be a kind of deadline sent by a person who likes to call himself Yama. If Iravan fails to state the sin of the person named in the letter & the hell which he deserves for his sin according to the Bhagvita Gita, Yama punishes the sinner in the same way as it is written in Gita. Is Yama a psychopath or just wants to deliver justice? What makes Iravan so special that Yama chooses him to send the letters? Will the truth of Yama ever come out? One needs to read this book to find it out.

The plot of Yama is fast paced which is absolutely necessary in these kinds of novels & Kevin Missal delivers it fully. The story telling is really commendable & the cover would surely force anyone to pick it up. Except some minor editing glitches I couldn't find anything to critique about. It will surely make you jump out of your reading place & make your heart beat faster. Surely a must read!

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