Saturday, 7 May 2016

#BookReview ; The Crossbow Code by MC Raj

The media is agog as the pope passes out mysteriously on seeing Kris, thought to be terrorist. But he is one? Kris escapes from the police and returns to meet the pope again, after which pope is found poisoned to death! On the run, Kris reaches Mumbai, where he gets to know that a prominent freedom fighter, Mohandas was instrumental in his escape. But the man is not as he seems and Kris is dismayed by the experiment taking palace at his ashram. However a chance encounter leads him to Germany. But someone wants him dead and attempts an assassination that could spell doom for Kris. Who is behind the pope murder? How are these countries connected? Who wants Kris Dead? And, lastly who is the mysterious Kris.

The Crossbow Code is the latest thriller novel written by MC Raj. The author has already written 21 books & is a recipient of the Ambedkar International Literary Award. He also indulges in social work because of which he received the prestigious Ambedkar Award from Karnataka Government. He also got featured in various news channels like CNN, Newsweek & NDTV for his excellent work.

The story starts with a sensational news about how the Pope faints in front of people during Easter Mass. A man was arrested who was suspected to be a terrorist but didn’t had any such background.  This stranger is a man named Kris who is our protagonist, the story mystifies as he tries to meet the Pope but after that the Pope was found dead. The story then expands into two more countries, India & then Germany. While our mysterious protagonist is on a run he is being chased by someone who wants him dead as soon as possible. To unravel all the mysteries you got to read this book!

When I started to read The Crossbow Code the first thing I was intrigued about was its cover & title. The cover is good but would’ve loved it even more if it had a little bit more detailing. The plot of the book is quite interesting & the author has succeeded upto an extent to make it racy & a smooth read, I liked the use of historic information in the story. I would’ve loved it even more if the protagonist have been portrayed a little bit more believable in some parts, also I would’ve preferred the length of the book to be under 250 pages to make the story more packed. In all this book can only be a product of an experienced author like MC Raj & surely deserves to be read.