Wednesday, 25 May 2016

#BookReview ; A Grey Story by Saumya Misra

A GREY STORY traces the life of Surya through her adolescence, from early teens to early twenties. Born into a large family, she is neglected by her parents unintentionally and abused by her siblings intentionally. As happens with most middle children, Surya is made a scapegoat and often targeted for faults committed by others. She is made to put up with a lot. Then, suddenly, accidents and deaths start occurring in the family. The story is a reality check on the serious impact of such callousness on the human brain and the destruction it can cause once driven beyond tolerance. It also reveals the disadvantages of large families, where parents are unable to devote ample time to each child, thus inadvertently causing at least one of them to suffer dejection. A Grey Story shocks one into realising the serious psychological impact negligent upbringing can leave on children that can even drive them to crime.

A Grey Story is the second novel of Lucknowite Saumya Misra. The author was born into a family of journalists & writers hence writing come naturally to her. She was encouraged to refine her skills from a young age by her grandfather who was a highly reputed journalist and author of several hindi books. After finishing studies she became a journalist & worked at famous firms like The Indian Express & Times of India. She has now taken up her second passion which is her love for Nature and has launched a monthly magazine dedicated to environment, titled, ‘Tree Take’.

A Grey Story is the based around the life of Surya & her struggles which she faces for years living in a large family. Being the middle child she was neglected by her parents & bullied by her siblings. While she tried to help her mother in her daily chores from an early age & be her fathers favourite but somehow she always used to get scolded for her siblings ill deeds. Then some sudden accidents & deaths shook the family from its core & everything changed. To know more about it you need to read this book!

I loved this psychological thriller story given how much the author conveyed in just 134 pages. The language is easy yet gripping, all the characters have been described quite well, also the fact that it focuses the disadvantage of having large families is commendable. I would’ve preferred some other cover though but in all everyone should give it a try.

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