Monday, 20 June 2016

#BookReview ; Ancient Chants For Modern Living by Aatmanika Ram

The modern world is inundated with problems connected to emotional, mental and physical health. Some problems are brought on by a combination of genetic make-up being passed on from generation to generation and the environment, but most others are brought on by the lack of a strong mind. Stress and anxiety seem to be playing an important role in everybody’s life. Vicious cycles of hectic lifestyle, bad diet, lack of exercise and no commitment to relationships seem to contribute to this ever growing pandemic. This book would help provide practical and easy suggestions to people to become emotionally stronger and stress-free in the longer run. It would serve as a guiding light for the younger generation and help to make conversations with the Almighty more rewarding and pleasurable.

Ancient Chants For Modern Living is written by Aatmanika Ram. The contents in this book are based on her interaction & interviews with knowledgeable individuals who have studied Hinduism since a long time. One of them is Smt. Subashini who has visited more than five hundred temples & interacted with many saints & gurus for 15 years to understand the nuances of Sanathana Dharma.

The author in the beginning of the book describes life as a roller coaster experience and from then onwards the book just soared high. The book speaks about the various problems people face in today’s time due to stress & other such mental & physical adversities. It not just acknowledges the problem but also gives a path which can help people to get rid of their problems & live a healthy life. It professes spirituality as a tool which can be very helpful to people suffering from mental frustration which ultimately leads to physical ailments. The book educates its readers about shlokas & chants & also how they need to be correctly pronounced. This book is a must read for all, whether it is a student or someone working, it will prove itself to be useful for everyone.

While I am an atheist but I won’t deny that this book is a help guide needed for everyone to attain peace in their lives. It has been written in very simple language hence it won’t be much work to understand it, also the explanations given will cover all doubts. The title & cover is soothing too. I urge everyone to just pick it up.


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