Thursday, 9 June 2016

#BookReview ; Ponytail The Love For Revenge by Pradip Chauhan

Ponytail is the story of a man, who has spent his life for making money and becoming powerful. He has his own motives of life and to achieve his goals, he falls in love; that changes his life...

Ponytail The Love For Revenge is written by Dr. Pradip Chauhan, a Gujrat born lad who started with writing in Gujrati & even got some of his work published by local Gujrati publishers which was enough appreciated by readers. He also has two books published by his pen name ‘Prajwalit’. Other than this he has also written two small parts of a book series ‘On the Earth: In Light of the Sun’. Other than writing he also delivers lectures on anatomy in a medical college.

The story is about an ambitious man Prabuddh whose sole aim in his life is to be the richest man in India, everything else is secondary. This ambition of his roots from an uneventful part of his life where his mother died of an accident because they didn’t had the money to save her & then he lost his father too due to heart attack. This made him take an oath to never keep his hair short. His determination showed in the success story of his textile company which he planned to extend for which he partnered with the daughter of the richest man of India, Kaumudi & they started their new venture of woman apparels which was named Ponytail. And then he falls in love with one of his employee Tapasya but some things aren’t just meant to be & she committed suicide doubting Prabuddh. But is this it? Is it all what it contains in the life of Prabuddh? Read it know..

The romantic thriller written by author is quite an intriguing attempt. The language is easy, also its a quick read. While the title has significance with the story I still didn’t liked it as well as the cover isn’t impressive either. Readers interested in this genre should surely pick it up!

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