Wednesday, 1 February 2017

#BookReview ; The Bogus Read by Divyamaan

In a galaxy far, far away from Earth there were two countries. India and Pakistan. Both countries somehow remained in a perennial state of conflict since their independence. After badly losing thrice to India, Pakistan has now come up with the ultimate conspiracy - attack the minds of the Indian masses and capture the nation. In a partially successful attempt, it captures some portion of India. The Indian Government, led by its highly patriotic PM, Narendar Mody and His Royal Highness, Arnub Gooswamy, takes charge of the situation and comes up with a master plan of defeating Pakistan, using some of India's most potent weapons - corruption, political-hooliganism and annoying celebrities. They are supported by five engineering students who, inspite of their otherwise mundane lives, get embroiled in the mess. They set themselves on a perilous journey only to discover how deep the whole conspiracy is and how dangerous are the brains behind it. Will they succeed in revealing the conspiracy to the Army? Will the lost territories be recaptured by India? To find out read 'The Bogus Read', an illogically-logical take on Indian politics, mainstream media, cinema and the television industry. 

The Bogus Read is a satirical fiction written by Divyamaan. He is an aspiring poet, actor, writer, director, guitarist, astrologer, entrepreneur, cook & gardener. He works as a Business Development Manager at an IT MNC. He completed his B.Tech from JIIT Noida & MBA from Great Lakes Chennai. He also writes articles for The Unrealtimes under the name of D-Man.

The plot of the book is based on the relationship of two countries, India & Pakistan which happen to be on a planet far away from planet Earth. After they got independent they’ve been into a constant state of conflict which lead to many wars. After Pakistan got defeated again in 1999 by Indian troops as they used a unique indigenous solution to defeat Pak soldiers, the then army head General Musharraf sought help of a scientist to defeat India in future. Fast forward to 2016, 5 engineering students who are experts in playing Counter Strike get the shock of their lives as they begin to notice many weird things happening in their college & their surroundings, including ending up on the top 10 ranks of the college. As they realised that something is fishy, they unearth the biggest conspiracy of the century. Meanwhile Pakistani army is slowly marching in Indian soil towards Delhi & acquiring the lands and our soldiers are unable to defeat them. As the patriotic PM Narendra Mody & the supreme Arnub Gooswamy takes charge of the situation they realise that they need to use the superpowers of India (corruption, annoying celebs, etc) to tackle this situation. As their path converges with the 5 students will they be able to defeat Pakistan after all? Will anyone believe in their conspiracy theory? Get the book here to know..

 I’ve been reading books quite slowly to be honest but this book helped me to come out of the slump & make me read faster again. As the author writes for The Unrealtimes he already has a knack for writing satire which he used brilliantly in this book. I liked the fact how the author pointed out every single thing which is currently wrong in our political environment & made it funny. The irritating Bhai & Badshah, useless Bhakts & AAPtards, etc have been pointed out accurately. I also liked the fact that even the title is satirical, the language is easy & the cover gives it all away why one should absolutely read this book. My only critique would be that the book needs to be edited more carefully, rest everything is to the point. I believe its one of those books by an Indian author which no one should miss as it will encourage the Indian market to produce quality work. A MUST READ!

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