Friday, 10 February 2017

#BookReview ; Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Madeline Whittier is allergic to the outside world. So allergic, in fact, that she has never left the house in all of her seventeen years. But when Olly moves in next door, and wants to talk to Maddie, tiny holes start to appear in the protective bubble her mother has built around her. Olly writes his IM address on a piece of paper, shows it at her window, and suddenly, a door opens. But does Maddie dare to step outside her comfort zone?
Everything, Everything is about the thrill and heartbreak that happens when we break out of our shell to do crazy, sometimes death-defying things for love.

Everything, Everything is a YA fiction & is the debut novel of Nicola Yoon published in 2015 by Corgi Children publishers. The author grew up in Jamaica & Brooklyn and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband & daughter. She’s believes that one can fall in love in an instant & it can last forever. Her latest book is Sun is also a Star.

The story revolves around Madeline Whittier who lives with her doctor mother & her nurse in a custom made house which is especially made for her since she suffers a very rare disease known as Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. Mady’s world is limited to her house & her books. As the book starts with “I’ve read many more books than you. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve read. I’ve read more. Believe me. I’ve had the time.” These lines exactly set up what exactly Madeline did mostly since books were her only refuge to understand the world. And then one day a family moved in their neighbourhood, this broke her monotonous life as she started observing them especially Olly. As they start IMing they got permission to meet from her dearly nurse Carla with a condition that they wouldn’t touch each other. But one thing leads to another & the inevitable thing happened, they fell in love.  But what can be the future of such a relationship where one partner can’t even leave her house? To know what happens next get the book right here

 This book is an example how a story can be so simple yet move you to the core. And when a book is so good its actually difficult to write a review since I can’t decide what words can express how I feel about it. The book has been written in a unique way which makes it easier to read & also interesting. The characters aren’t perfect & that’s exactly why I love them. Madeline is cute, awkward & lovable while Olly is mysterious, intriguing & breathtaking. I don’t want to give out any spoilers hence I won’t write about the plot twist but I can just say that when you read it, it’ll blow your mind. The cover is sober & beautiful and the title is equally suitable. You can’t miss this one! 

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