Sunday, 25 September 2016

#BookReview ; Bharathi and Her Theory of Everything by Anil Cs Rao

To Bharathi, this was utterly horrific. If it were indeed the case then she was conceived the same way she saw Aryaraj molest older inmates in the encampment. As a result of this mischievous Roopa s revelation, Bharathi fell into a depression for (she had counted) forty days and forty nights. In her dreams she recalled a very ancient story Roopa had shared to her a year prior: about a Noah who bought two of every living thing on his arc when The World had been flooded in God s anger at human being s conduct on Earth. What would God think of now with the semi-robotic people that now inhabited Aryraraj s World? And worse: who was this God? Aryaraj often professed that he was eligible for this status or title.

Bharathi and Her Theory of Everything is a scientific fiction by Anil Cs Rao. The author lives in Ellicot City, Maryland USA with his family. His hobbies include fishing, walking & photography. He is an MFA Candidate at National University in San Diego.

The story is based in the future though it the characters to go in flashbacks quite often in the past. It revolves around two main characters, Bharathi & Arun Rao. The main quest of the duo is to find Reena, wife of Arun & while they do so they have to face many difficulties. To know why Reena was kidnapped & whether she gets rescued or not, you need to read it.

Lets start with the title, while I don’t have any problem with it being long its not appealing & the cover is appalling. The story is quite short & the author chose to write small chapters in order to make it a quick read. Unfortunately the story isn’t gripping at all, the suspense & excitement which a story of this genre should generate is lacking & unfortunately leads readers to stray away from it. Undeniably a miss.  

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