Friday, 30 September 2016

#BookReview ; Love Bi The Way by Bhaavna Arora

Rihana is a painter who is trying to find inspiration in love. Zara is a businesswoman trying to make a niche for her company in a male-dominated world. Rihana is fire, Zara is ice; Rihana is openly sensual, while Zara is more cautious with her heart—they are opposites that attract. They are different people bound together by their house—‘Cupid’—and their pet golden retriever, Tiger. 
As both of them navigate their fulfilling careers and try to leave behind troubled pasts, they find solace in each other. But Tiger’s not the only male in their lives. Rihana finds herself a string of sexy men, while Zara emerges out of her shell and meets an actual prince who sweeps her off her feet. But can these relationships last? And what road will they take when love happens bi the way?

Love Bi the Way is the third book by Bhaavna Arora. The author used to head a business school as director & train students in leadership. She has 2 degrees in management & a PhD in leadership from Pittsford University. She has written 2 bestselling books The Deliberate Sinner & Mistress of Honour. She hails from a strong army background which has instilled patriotism in her DNA. Her hobbies include reading, travelling, swimming, sports & horse riding.

The story is about 2 roommates Rihana & Zara who are very much different in almost all aspects but the bond of friendship holds both of them together. While Rihana is a painter & believes in living her life to the fullest which for her means to drink as much as she likes & be with men she wants to be, Zara on the other hand is a successful businesswoman who even supersedes her father’s accomplishments she is reserved, calm, composed & an introvert. They live together in their house ‘Cupid’ with their pet dog Tiger. But there’s one thing which is common between both of them, they’re haunted by their past which affects them severely in their present. Will both of them ever find their ‘true love’ & where? There’s a quote which says ‘Love is closer than you think’ , to know whether this quote is true in case of this book read it now!

This is the second book I’m reading by Bhaavna Arora & like the last time she doesn’t disappoint at all. The title is witty & is totally related to the story, the cover compliments it too. The language used is extremely easy to grasp & relate to. What I believe is the highlight of this book is the author’s attempt to write about subjects which are considered taboos in our society, she portrays the plight of the LGB community quite well & also some social evils too. This book is surely an admirable attempt to bring such topics to mainstream. A must read!

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