Monday, 19 September 2016

#BookReview ; City of Death by Abheek Barua

On a muggy monsoon afternoon Sohini Sen gets a call from the chief minister's office. A young woman from a well-connected family in the city has been found brutally murdered. Sen is brought back from a bureaucratic wasteland to the thick of the action.
An intelligent and intuitive investigator who struggles with addiction and depression, Sen is ill-prepared for an investigation that is a political minefield with TV anchors and tabloids baying for blood. As various interested parties, armed with power and money, try to manipulate the murder enquiry. Sen is forced to question the very possibility of justice. 
A moody atmospheric novel that is as much about the Indian city and the dark depth of the human mind as it is about crime and investigation, City of Death marks the debut of a brilliant new voice.

City of Death is the debut novel of Abheek Barua. The author has been in the financial sector for 24 years & is currently the Chief Economist of HDFC Bank.

This is the first book that I read from Juggernaut & since it was from a debutant author I started it with no preconceived notions but I had already heard quite an amount of appreciation already & as I started to read it I get it why. The story is about Sohini Sen, a middle aged female police officer being dragged to investigate a high profile criminal case while she was removed earlier from the same department for her honesty. She is partnered with Arjun to solve the murder which has been performed in a peculiar way. While they work together to find the killer they also unearth quite a lot about the victims too. But do they get to catch the killer or get overwhelmed by bureaucracy? Buy it to immerse yourself into a story which will make you jump out of your chair.

First of all let me praise Juggernaut to come up with an incredible idea of publishing ebooks exclusively that too at affordable prices. Moving on to the plot, the story is racy, filled with different aspects which are commonly found around us but hidden because they’re considered as taboo is our society. It also highlights how emotional trauma can ruin the life of a person if not counselled properly. This might be a debutant work of the author but he has proved that he has the capability to do wonders with his words. The title as well as cover is decent. Shouldn’t be missed at all!

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