Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#BookReview ; I Forgot To Take My Pill! by Sharyn Hayden

Congratulations, you're up the duff. Now what?!

Sharyn Hayden, the founder of humorous parenting website,, delivers an overdue (oops, we said 'overdue'!) honest account of the road to first-time parenthood.

Don't expect: Butterflies, the wings of angels gently caressing your baby's brow as they sleep, a clean house, anything gooey unless it's stuck to somebody's new jeans.
Do expect: Puke on the floor, tiny kicks to the crotch in the middle of the night, unsolicited advice from random strangers, the need for wine at 8am and lots & lots of laughs.

As I was about to start this book someone from Facebook asked that "why are you reading a book about parenting?" & then even I became skeptical about it but I was proven wrong as I proceeded with each chapter. The author's work is simply refreshing & full of humour.The story mainly is about how she & her boyfriend decided to have a baby, how their relationship is & how it evolved during & after the pregnancy. It also showcases how parents in this case the author changed her lifestyle & managed to do what she loves while taking care of her baby.

The author is an expert in giving hilarious names like she calls her boyfriend 'Ass Monkey' in the book & then she divides people in general into many categories which we can all relate to especially the first time parents, she also stated the dos & don'ts for people visiting the new parents & it's actually downright accurate.

You will surely love the way the author wrote this book in a very realistic way & induced humor in it naturally which will make you chuckle every now & then. Her belief in feminism is also inspiring which elevated her quality of work. One shouldn't miss this one even if you're not planning to have a baby.

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