Friday, 17 July 2015

#MyTake on #FTIIMahabharat

As Vincent Van Gogh once said,
“I want to touch people with my art. 
I want them to say 'he feels deeply, he feels tenderly.'”

As all great artists believe that art is something which makes people to think, to believe & sometimes change the society altogether for good. Hence the kind of art one produces or participates in conveys the kind of artist he/she is.

Now as we all know that a new chairman & society members have been appointed by our new government which is their right. Unfortunately the choices I&B Ministry made weren't considered upto the mark for an institute like FTII by it's students & hence they started to protest against these appointments.
The students demands removal of 5 society members along with the director appointed as they lack the required credentials. The list of the 5 society members include Anagha Ghaisas who was facing a case against Nandan Kudhiyadi a FTII alumni & an internationally acclaimed director who is also a 3 time National Award winner for not paying him his fees. What is worse is that after a 5 year long case which Kudhiyadi won Ghaisas still haven't paid him. I quote the court order "During the cross-examination of the defendant, it came in evidence that film production is only her occupation. She had not taken education in film shooting, editing and directing. She does not know the difference between fiction and documentary. Defendant (Ghaisas) does not have technical knowledge regarding film-making,”
So even after the court cleared the air about the credentials of the said person I don't see why she was even chosen for such an eminent post. The next in line is Shailesh Gupta, I really tried to find what kind of work he has done but the ONLY thing which came up was a documentary praising our Honorable PM which is a good thing but that doesn't qualify someone to be a society member. While 2 members Pranjal Saikia and Rahul Solapurkar do have atleast some work to back them *no idea about the quality of work* but I couldn't find a shred of work of  Dr Narendra Pathak, also he has a case against him for beating up FTII students in 2014. And at the last there's GAJENDRA CHAUHAN, frankly I didn't even know he was or what movies he had done except Baghban where he got slapped by Salman Khan. His famed work includes his role as Yudhishthir in B. R. Chopra's Mahabharata & I think it ends at that. According to him his acting career is of 34 years, in which he has worked in 600 tv series & 150 movies. Now, when we see his QUALITY of work we can clearly see that after the role of Yudhishthir he never ever did anything which would make him an artist with a vision or would showcase his artistic credentials. I won't criticize him for doing C-grade movies because sometimes we all have to do things which we may not like in the industry for money. What bugs me even more is his thoughts about quality movies! I quote him what he said on a news debate "Jo movie chal jaye wo hi A-grade movie hai" & when he was asked what a quality movie is he blatantly said 'I won't answer this question'. I don't think THIS is how a chairman of FTII should reply to simple questions. What amazes me is how can a TRUE ARTIST not have self respect!! Leave where you're not respected!! Or else that would make you seem a position hungry person!!
The protest even moved other society members like well-known cinematographer Santosh Sivan, filmmaker Jahnu Barua and actress Pallavi Joshi & they rejected to be a part of such a governing council. While many eminent actors have now come forward to support the students openly I hope the government understands the importance of having a QUALIFIED Chairman & society members.

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