Thursday, 23 July 2015

#BookReview ; The India I Dream of... And The Facebook Revolution Begins!! by Vikrant Khanna

How many of us complain about our country and believe nothing will ever change? How many of us crib about the dirt in this country but still litter openly? How many of us abuse our ministers and government but still never vote? Most of us, right? Harsh, Dev and Nikita are three such Indians. Until one fateful day…… What do the three of them do then? Keep quiet and sulk about it for the rest of their life, crib and complain and forget about it like they always do or fight for justice. They do none of the above. Instead they turn to But what are they fighting for? Will we Indians ever care? Can the new age social networking tools really help? Will the country ever change or will the ‘chaltha hai’ attitude prevail ? Come and be part of the change……

The name of this book was the first thing which caught my attention, it seemed catchy to me & then I read the intro which intrigued me even more. The story is about 3 regular Indian friends who are just like the majority of us, irresponsible citizens of our country who don't miss a single opportunity to criticize the same country where they can't even follow simple rules. Unfortunately they go through a very tragic experience, while 2 of them decided to forget everything one of them made his mind to do something which leads to a revolution which focuses on improving Indians. The story & the writing style of the author is simple yet effective & it surely appeals to you read it more & more.

I wish this story would've been true so that even I could join that movement, but then we all can contribute a little to our country by doing some simple duties & bring the change. This book gave me a new window to think about improving India & myself. Thank you Vikrant Khanna!

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