Saturday, 25 July 2015

#BookReview ; Now That You're Rich... Let's Fall In Love by Durjoy Dutta

It's the summer of August, 2009, & the lives of four young, overachieving nerds from India's best colleges are about to change forever when they are recruited by a ruthless investment bank.
Big cars, expensive suits, pretty shoes & luxury cruises- the world awaits their arrival!
It's time to leave their old lives behind- cheating boyfriends, oppressive parents, depressing love lives & back-stabbing friends- and head for a new beginning.
But life is far from perfect, and the promises and the dreams they once saw, now lie shattered.
Now That You're Rich! is a story about ambition, the battle between the small joys in life & money, and, most of all the tenacious ties of friendship.

The story revolves around 4 main characters Abhi, Saurav, Shruti & Garima who become inseparable friends gradually at Silverman Finance which is an investment bank but then things change, their strong friendship were put to a test & it seemed that it's doomed to fail. The story has many parts which includes love, breakups, office politics, etc etc. The book builds the background stories of all the characters very well but unfortunately after sometime the story seems obvious.
In the start there's a 3 page 'advice' that people should first concentrate on how rich the girl/guy is & then fall in love which sounds materialistic but is also rational upto an extent but in the real world it's not possible.
This was my first DD read, while it's too early to make my mind about the author but this one was full of different elements but the main was friendship & love.
In all it's a light one-time read.

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